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Rob Henslin, Founder of Post-Traumatic Press

Rob Henslin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 1989, just six months after marrying his young bride. The dreams they shared for a life together were suddenly and forever changed. Rob underwent treatment at the City of Hope National Medical Center in Southern California, and by 1993 had completed the treatment regimen. He and his wife moved forward, having fought hard and beaten the cancer. They were blessed with two miracle daughters, born two years apart—children they were told they would most likely not be able to have due to the intensive chemotherapy treatments.
They bought a home in the San Francisco Bay Area, and raised their daughters. Rob was thankful to be alive, and to have been blessed with the gift of restored health and a wonderful family. He thought about the cancer monkey asleep on his back. He wondered if it would ever wake up. He wondered if he could live his life without looking over his shoulder. Then one day in late October of 2008, the cancer monkey awoke from his nearly twenty-year slumber.
For a second time Rob's world and the lives of his wife and two daughters was turned upside down. Within just a few days of receiving the dreadful news that his leukemia had returned, Rob was admitted to the hospital to begin treatment. He would need a bone marrow transplant to have any chance of long-term survival. Like the cancer monkey that sat on Rob’s back for so many years, he carried the knowledge that his fight for life the second time around would be even more difficult. He endured the hospitalizations and treatment, and his leukemia was brought back into remission in late 2008. In February of 2009 he received a bone marrow transplant at Stanford Hospital. Since then, he has walked a difficult road to recovery, full of transplant-related complications and other harsh realities.
His first memoir, “But I Was in Such a Good Mood This Morning” recounts this journey. It was published as a trade paperback in December 2011, and is available in paperback at Createspace (https://www.createspace.com/3702885) and Amazon.com. The book is also available as a Kindle eBook at the Amazon Kindle store. 
As he walked the path of recovery following his bone marrow transplant, Rob's marriage of more than two decades began to crumble under his feet, ultimately ending in a painful divorce. He faced an uncertain future, and needed to find a way through the fog that seemed to envelope his life.
His newest release, "When You See the Cows, Make a Left!" chronicles the path Rob—and his German shepherd Sam—chose in a search to find greener pastures on the other side of the tragedies he had endured. The book was released in November of 2014, and is available in paperback at Createspace (https://www.createspace.com/5076119) and Amazon.com. The book is also available as a Kindle eBook at the Amazon Kindle store.
Both books offer encouragement, comic relief, information, inspiration, and hope.