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"When You See the Cows, Make a Left!"

Rob Henslin found himself standing in the ashes of what had been his life asking, “What happened?” He had battled and survived a relapse of leukemia, and received a bone marrow transplant for a chance at long-term survival. Then his marriage of twenty-two years crumbled under his feet.

Partially disabled, walking a path of post-transplant recovery fraught with complications and setbacks, and deep in the midst of painful divorce proceedings, Rob needed to find a way through the fog that enveloped him. With his German shepherd, Sam, riding shotgun, Rob began a journey to find greener pastures on the other side of tragedy.

His honest and humorous writing style brings readers along on that journey. You’ll laugh at Sam’s adjustment to country life, and find encouragement and hope in the realizations Rob has as he seeks to better understand his past in order to build a future.

The book offers insight and perspective not only from Rob’s journey, but from several of his friends who waged their own battles against daunting challenges, and whose stories are included in the book.

If you find yourself in a fog, facing seemingly overwhelming circumstances, this book offers practical insights that can help you take steps forward toward greener pastures.

$11.99 Trade Paperback, 170 pages

$2.99 Kindle ebook 




"But I Was in Such a Good Mood This Morning!"

Rob Henslin, 26 at the time, battled and survived Leukemia with his newlywed wife by his side. He describes his three-year battle and life on the other side of treatment in the cancer-free years that followed.

After a nearly twenty-year slumber, his leukemia returned. Rob draws readers in with vivid descriptions of the upheaval and torment that ensued, including a bone marrow transplant and adjusting to a life filled with many harsh new realities. His humorous writing style allows readers to laugh and smile while Rob also shares openly and honestly about his struggles with medical treatments, faith, fears, and demons from his past.

"But I Was in Such a Good Mood This Morning!" offers cancer patients and the loved ones that care for them valuable insights into the cancer journey Rob and his wife and family traveled. This book invites readers to revel as Rob did in the many miracles and blessings that came even in the darkest days.

$15.99 Trade Paperback, 378 pages

$.99 Kindle eBook